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24/7 Support

You can open a ticket at any time on our online interface, our services guarantee a response within SLA of 4 hours (working hours).

Product return

All products are warranteed part and labor return-workshop France on all warranty durations.


The initial shipment and the shipment of spare parts is done the same day or at the latest on D+1.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I find technical documentation on pfSense® plus software?

Technical documentation is available online at :




This documentation contains detailed information and continuously updated instructions on how to best use the pfSense® software.


Where can I find the user manual for my pfSense® Plus Netgate Security Gateway appliance?

User manuals for the physical appliances are available online at:




These manuals will help you to operate your new Netgate® security gateway with the pfSense® Plus software or to get it up and running again in case of failure.

How do I reinstall the pfSense® Plus software on my Netgate Security Gateway appliance?

Procedures for reinstalling the pfSense® Plus* distribution for all Netgate Security Gateway appliances are available in the section 'Physical Appliances/your model name/How-to Guides/Reinstalling pfSense Plus Software' on the technical documentation


* Please refer to the FAQ 'Where can I get the latest version of the pfSense® Plus software distribution for my Netgate Security Gateway appliance?' to download the latest version of the pfSense® Plus firmware.

How do I flash an image of the pfSense® Plus distribution on USB stick?

Creating bootable installation media varies according to the operating system and implies writing the installation image to flash media such as a USB stick. The procedure is available at the following URL:




This document assumes that the installation image is already downloaded on the client computer that will create the installation media. Please refer to the question 'Where can I get the latest version of the pfSense® Plus software distribution for my Netgate Security Gateway appliance?'


How do I connect to the console port on my Netgate® Security gateway appliance?

Sometimes direct access to the console is required. The webGUI or SSH access may have been locked out, or the password may have been lost or forgotten. This guide describes how to directly recover access through the console:




This procedure operates for the Netgate® models 1100, 2100, 3100, 5100, 6100 et 7100.


For the models Netgate® 1537 and 1541 the connection to the VGA console is identical to the connection of any computer to a screen. Simply connect the VGA cable (DB-15) from the Netgate® system to the monitor. Use a USB or PS/2 keyboard depending on your hardware.

Where can I get the latest version of the pfSense® Plus software distribution for my Netgate Security Gateway appliance?

You can request it from our technical support by opening a ticket on the support form, you will be required to provide the serial number of your appliance:




We will send you a secure download link upon receipt of your request.

My Netgate pfSense appliance reboots in loop, what can I do?

The file system may be damaged,


Restart the appliance, connect to the console, refer to the FAQ 'How do I connect to the console port of my Netgate® Security gateway appliance?' If you don't know how to proceed.


Appuyez sur n'importe quelle touche pour interrompre le boot loader lorsque vous voyez 'Hit [Enter] to boot immediately, or any other key for command prompt'


At the prompt, type: `boot -s` to boot in single mode


Press [Enter] to return to the prompt and run the command: `/sbin/fsck -y /`


Run the fsck command several times; repeat the command until no errors are reported even though fsck says that the file system has been marked 'clean'.


Then restart: `/sbin/reboot`

How do I get an RMA?

IMPORTANT: Please refer to the technical FAQ about file system repair and reinstallation of the pfSense® distribution before initiating a RMA procedure, in 99.9% of the cases the failure is not due to hardware.


A technician will confirm if a RMA is required. To open a RMA request, go to the support form:




You will be requested to provide the serial number of the appliance.


In the 'Message' field, describe precisely the failure type, do not hesitate to copy/paste the error messages displayed on the console.


We will process your request as soon as we receive it.

What is the warranty period of my Netgate Security Gateway appliance?

All the equipments are warranted for 1 year, it is however possible to subscribe to a warranty extension for 2 years, 3 years or 5 years.


Please refer to sections 8.3 and 8.4 of our GTCs for more information.

I need technical support to configure my appliance or troubleshoot a pfSense application socket (includes all packages).

You can contact our sales department for a personalized quote by calling the +33 1 85 08 51 21 or by writing to us via the form below, specifying your needs. We strive to respond to each request as quickly as possible.

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